Dear Friends,

We have officially changed our name;
Our new name is CRYSTAL PARROT (no more Players).

We have done this as the scope and magnitude of
our Mission -- as well as our many projects -- have grown.
We are more than just in the arts, we are in the community.

With this change, comes a new (gorgeous) logo. Thank you, Mr. Frank Wendeln.
Notice the word "PLAYERS" has changed to our motto "WE ARE ONE."

Please share our site and links with your friends.

-- The Parrot Family


Clean-up Project

Miami Circle MAP

Our Miami Circle is being desecrated by unleashed pets.
It is disrespectful to the site and embarrassing to our community.

Due to the deplorable current conditions and lack of care taking,
CPP has started a clean-up effort of the sacred site and
posted small signs asking visitors to curb their pets.

 MIAMI CIRCLE Dog Business


In 2009, Travis Neff produced
"Connections UnEarthed: The Miami Circle Story,"
the docu-short that commemorates the ten year anniversary
of the discovery of the archaeological site in the heart of downtown.
It premiered at Miami's historic Gusman Center for the Performing Arts
as part of the Borscht Film Festival.



"THE LUCAYAN TAINO: First People of the Bahamas"
New Book by Sandra Riley

Illustrations by internationally renowned Bahamian artist Alton Lowe
Book Design by Frank Wendeln
This Limited Edition includes a DVD of the documentary
feature film “Full Circle: A Taino Story” by Travis Neff

Sample Page 14-15 wT 200  Sample Page 24-25 wT 200




by filmmaker Travis Neff

Sponsored by Crystal Parrot, Travis is currently in production for
a new short film about the Love The Everglades organization
and the largest restoration project in the world today.

You can watch more videos by Travis
including the shorts created from outtake footage of
FULL CIRCLE: A Taino Story
posted on the Crystal Parrot Vimeo Page


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