Before there was a Miami, there was Coconut Grove.
Mariah came from the Bahamas to make a better life for her family.
Working as a washerwoman at the Peacock Inn, she saved money to buy land
and build a house on what is now called historic Charles Avenue.

Over 100 years ago, Mariah created the Village West community
with churches, a school and a library. We want to save her house
and open it as a museum that reflects the African-American
and African-Bahamian pioneer spirit, keeps Mariah's story alive,
and provides our children with a home where they can experience history.

With your support we can finish the construction of the building this year.
Crystal Parrot has been involved in the museum project since 2003
when it initially raised money from the play "Mariah Brown."

Please share Mariah's legacy with all of your friends --

Black Pioneer Home Restoration
Go Fund Me Campaign


Watch the Video Clip of the latest performance
of Sandra Riley's solo play "Mariah Brown"
revived at the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove
by popular stage performer and gospel singer Lynn Terez Davis-Nixon.

Mariah Brown House from Travis Neff on Vimeo.




Miami Circle MAP

In a small effort to take care of our Miami Circle,
Crystal Parrot has started a monthly clean-up of the sacred site
and posted small signs asking visitors to curb their pets.

In 2009, Travis Neff produced
"Connections UnEarthed: The Miami Circle Story,"
the docu-short that commemorates the discovery
of the archaeological site in the heart of downtown.
It premiered at Miami's historic Gusman Center for the Performing Arts
as part of the Miami Borscht Film Festival.

CONNECTIONS UN-EARTHED: The Miami Circle Story from Travis Neff on Vimeo.




Sandra Riley has donated the entire edition of her latest book
"The Lucayan Taino"
to Crystal Parrot so that 100% of the proceeds
can go toward the
making of a monument in Miami
to honor indigenous peoples.

This bronze sculpture by artist James Mastin is the model for a
life-size public installation.
It depicts a family
dancing in the water with dolphins, celebrating life;

there is a space for us to take hands with them.